ICA pavilion to double in size at 2006 Hong Kong Show

The International Colored Gemstone Association pavilion at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is to double its size at the next exhibition, in March 2006.

ICA executive director Barbara Lipatapanlop said the growth of the pavilion is the result of its success at the 2005 show and the growing pressure from exhibitors for more booth space. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which organizes the annual show, agreed to increase the ICA pavilion to more than 4,000 sq.ft. for the March 2006 show.

“This means that we’re not only retaining our position in Hall 2, which is an excellent, central location, but also that we almost double the size of the ICA pavilion,” Lipatapanlop said, adding that the number of booths will increase from 23 in 2005 to at least 40 in 2006.

The HKTDC has a longstanding relationship with New York City-based ICA, Lipatapanlop said. This cooperation has led to the establishment of a permanent ICA pavilion at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

“Over the years, demand for participation in the ICA pavilion has increased rapidly, while no company that has gained a place there has given it up thereafter,” Lipatapanlop said.

Lipatapanlop, who before arriving in Hong Kong visited the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair in Thailand, said that ICA has entered into negotiations with the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association to establish an ICA pavilion at the annual Bangkok show.

“We have a very large membership in Thailand,” she said. “We’d love to be able to offer them added value for their ICA membership, enhancing these members’ international orientation and increasing their exposure to the market. And it also will benefit the show to have a prominent ICA presence on board.”