ICA launches colored gemstone documentary series on DVD

The International Colored Gemstone Association is presenting a documentary series on DVD titled In Pursuit of Precious Gemstones. The first DVD, which is ready for distribution, covers Kashmiri sapphire, topaz, and tourmaline.

The series, produced by ICA in cooperation with renowned French gemologist Patrick Voillot, will consist of four DVDs, each with three full, hour-long documentaries that mix a serious scientific approach with high adventure and no small amount of danger, as the viewer is taken to the magical places where rare colored gemstones are found. Each expedition visits a different country, centers around a particular gemstone from that area, and exposes the viewer to some of the most isolated, forgotten corners of the planet. All of the DVDs are ready for distribution.

Each DVD has English and French soundtracks for the U.S. and Canadian markets. In Europe, the DVD will also feature soundtrack in Spanish, Italian, and German. The series shows Voillot climbing down mud holes in Mogok, Burma, in search of rubies, and trekking across dangerous glaciers in the mountains of Kashmir. In search of sapphires, he takes the viewer deep into the seldom-seen world of the international gem dealer, showing secret mine locations, cutting and polishing operations, and the gemstone markets and distribution channels from country to country.

The series “is not only an exciting world travelogue and introduction to the exciting international world of colored gemstones, but it will make an ideal sales tool for retailers who want to add some sizzle to the steak by conveying to their clients not just the rarity and value of colored gemstones, but their inherent beauty, excitement and romance,” said Jean Claude Michelou, an ICA executive committee member of Colombia, who also noted that several national and public television stations have expressed an interest in broadcasting these programs.

The first DVD features sapphires from Kashmir; giant crystals, and imperial topaz from Brazil; and tourmalines from Madagascar, including sapphires from the fabulous Illakaka mines. Programs on the upcoming DVDs in ICA’s series include: Ruby from Burma; Emerald from Colombia; Moonstone & Sapphires from Sri Lanka; Jade from Guatemala; Aquamarine from Pakistan; Ametrine from Bolivia; Tanzanite from Tanzania; Opal from Australia; and Colored Diamonds from Guinea.

“ICA’s foremost task is the promotion of colored gemstones downstream, among retailers and ultimately among jewelry consumers,” Michelou said. “This project is a giant step forward and emphasizes our organization’s endeavor to become the major promotional engine for the colored gemstone trade.” To order In Pursuit of Colored Gemstones: Vol. 1 and subsequent volumes as they become available, contact gembureau@gemstone.org