I Do Diamonds Proprietary AGS Labs Report

AGS Laboratories has released its latest proprietary grading report, the Perfect Princess, from I Do Diamonds, Inc.

“I Do Diamonds is the fourth diamond manufacturer that has qualified for our new report,” said Frank Dallahan, president and chief executive officer of AGS Laboratories. “In today’s challenging marketplace, differentiation—especially in terms of quality—is a significant closing point in a diamond sale.”

AGS Laboratories began issuing proprietary cut grading reports for fancy shaped diamonds reports in the fall of last year.

“We believe it is an important differentiator to have the imprimatur of the only diamond grading laboratory able to properly and scientifically evaluate a fancy shape diamond’s cut grade,” says Ido Izkovich, president and CEO of I Do Diamonds.

The Perfect Princess Cut is a 73-facet princess cut diamond designed for maximum light performance. Izkovich calls light performance “the star “of The Perfect Princess Cut.  “The brightness brings pizzazz and elevates this diamond above any other generic princess cut diamond on the market today.”
I Do Diamonds, Las Vegas, is a direct importer and American Gem Society supplier of AGS Ideal and premium cut loose diamonds.