Hublot will launch its own TV channel in June

Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot Geneve will launch its own 24-hour television channel–Hublot TV–in June, says Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot SA’s chief executive officer.

It will be the first TV channel devoted exclusively to a watch brand. The endeavor is not only a first in the watch industry, but also in the luxury goods sector in general.

The TV channel will be on Hublot’s year-old Web site (, where a timer currently counts down the time until the channel debuts.

Hublot TV is scheduled to be launched by Biver on June 5 in Las Vegas at the Financial Times Luxury Summit, where he is scheduled to speak.

The channel will broadcast Hublot programs around the clock, seven days a week, with full screen vision and image quality “which can be run directly from the Web site and viewed anywhere in the world,” says a company announcement. Hublot will present is its latest watches, sponsored events, and “everything that affects the world of Hublot.”

Biver has recruited three freelance reporters—one each in Europe, Asia, and the United States—to regularly send Hublot images across the globe, making live news available around the clock, according to a report by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

Hublot TV uses new Internet technology which makes it possible to receive full screen TV on a PC screen at bit rates as low as 400 Kb and to create a television channel for a potential audience of as little as 400 viewers with ADSL internet access throughout the world. The new TV channel, says Hublot’s announcement, will be “a new direct link with its clients throughout the world.”

To develop the channel, Hublot commissioned WBBS S.A., a Zurich, Switzerland, company that develops TV channels on the net and broadband TV for companies and institutions.