HRD Certificates introduces a new computer system

HRD Certificates is using a new computer system designed to provide its clients with an improved and more efficient service, the organization said in a statement. The new system began operating on Monday.

The computer system offers several new features, including a computer-plotted diagram of the diamond being graded, which will highlight all the internal and external features present in the stone. To date, the HRD grading report has included a diagram in which the internal and external features were manually marked by the grader. The computer-plotted diagram will be more accurate and uniform.

The administrative framework is simplified by the new system. After a trial period, it will, for instance, enable the transit data (examination results a client requested before issuing the actual HRD Certificate) to be transmitted by e-mail.

Prices for the various services offered by HRD Certificates will be calculated automatically, resulting in minor price differences, both positive and negative, but over-all the result remains the same, the organization said. Only for a few exceptional examinations a more cost-related price is introduced.

Customers in Antwerp can obtain information providing more details about the computer system at the reception counter of HRD Certificates or by contacting HRD Certificates at Tel: +32 (0)3 222 06 01, Fax: +32 (0)3 222 06 05, E-mail: