HRD Antwerp Launches Refined Cut Grade

HRD Antwerp said Tuesday it has fine-tuned its diamond grading system by introducing a “refined” cut grade.

Instead of reporting about two criteria—proportions and finish—the HRD Antwerp Diamond Lab said it will now assess the diamond cut according to three criteria: “proportions,” “symmetry,” and “polish.” In addition, HRD Antwerp now introduces an “excellent” cut grade on top of its “very good” quotation.

“We needed to adjust our system in order to meet the market demands, since diamond dealers felt there was a discrepancy in grading terminology between different diamond labs,” said Georges Brys, general manager of HRD Antwerp. “The introduction of an ‘excellent’ quotation does not imply that our very own ‘very good’ grade will be downgraded. On the contrary, we have upgraded part of the top-level cuts which, before, would get a ‘very good’ grade.”

The new cut grade will be operational Jan. 1, 2009.

HRD Antwerp holds a symposium on its HRD Antwerp Cut Grade on July 17, at 5 p.m. at its headquarters. For more information, contact Veerle Van Esbroeck at Registration is required.