How Your Jewelry Company Can Get Editorial Coverage

If I had a dime for every time somebody at a jewelry show told me to write about their company, I’d be a rich woman. Everybody thinks their firm or their firm’s jewelry merits an article. But JCK editors aren’t just looking for beautiful jewelry; editors aim to publicize companies and jewelry that offer competitive business advantages, potential profitability, or valuable business insights to jewelry store owners. Examples of information worth writing about include uncommon hard-to-find looks that aren’t widely available, and items or a story that will strike a chord with customers.

A recent example is jewelry designer Janet Mavec, someone JCK recently profiled in the UpFront Fashion department. Mavec makes garden-themed jewelry, such as strawberries and birds in gold. She’s also new to jewelry design, having only been selling her creations for two years or so; that said, jewelers who pick up her line have an opportunity to offer uncommon looks to their customers. Her practice of employing craftsmen mostly on American soil, a challenge for nearly every business today, is also noble and worthy of recognition. Plus, her niche has instant appeal among consumers; who doesn’t like fruit?