How to Write an Effective Tag Line

A tag line is very important to any business. Tag lines are used to lure the interest of viewers. It’s a compelling slogan that attracts consumers and engages them to investigate your marketing messages in greater detail. Consider a tag line to be a straight line and the desires of the targeted customer to be point A and the promised customer value of the jewelry offered to be point B.

1. Consider your customer first and then your sales channel. Are you selling through retail stores, online, catalogs, direct mail, etc? How might your sales channel impact your customers’ perception of your offerings? How do you describe your product category? What is your price range? What are the strongest buying motives customers report regarding why they purchase your products?

2. Use a tag line to differentiate your company, brand or product. Why do customers prefer to buy from your company, brand or product? Customer preference leads to differentiation . . . it’s much more than just being different or unique or rare or high end or luxury, etc. Focus on customer preference.

3. What is most important to the target audience? What short phrase concisely addresses what your target audience is most interested in?

4. Be specific with a tag line. If the company promotes multiple brands consider how a tag line can unity and represent the sum total experience of all of the brands. An effective tag line does represent a synergistic approach to conveying value to the customer.

5. Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Be creative and not too literal in your approach. This is a right brain activity.

6. A tag line needs to create some buzz. A short phrase with buzz offers a unique message and adds excitement and interest. What makes your target audience excited about your company, brand, or product? Do some brainstorming and wordsmithing to document the most compelling words, terms and concepts of the customer value most desired by your target market.

7. Try word crafting your best concepts into short phrases. Try to keep your tag line between three and eight words. Short, succinct, direct and memorable.
Nike is three words. “Just Do It.”
“Every Kiss Begins With Kay” is an effective five word tag line well known to consumers due to media exposure.
De Beers’ 1948 tag line “A Diamond is Forever” is one of the world’s best known.
Here is an eight word tag line “JCK Las Vegas – Showcasing Our Passion for Jewelry.”

8. Tag lines are verbal shorthand that express the brand’s promise. A brand promise is the customer value offered. Describing what you promise to customers is another way to craft your tag line. How do you want to differentiate your company, brand or product through a tag line?

9. Positioning represents how management desires the company, brand or product to be perceived by the target market. What space in the customers mind does the company desire to occupy?

10. Tag line development is a team assignment. Take input from many sources including marketing, merchandising, sales, customer service, management and all other personnel. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. Slogan and tag line development is about lots of trial and error. Don’t expect just a few attempts to complete the exercise. Push for more and more input. Don’t be complacent. An effective tag line will pay huge branding benefits for a long time, so make it right. Know when you need to ask for professional help.

11. Test your most promising tag line candidates. Find out how others respond to your proposed tag lines. Get recipients to tell you what the tag line means to them. Make sure there is a consistency in the desired message and the delivered ideas.

12. Evoke emotion. There is power in a tag line that elicits an emotional response. Take a few moments and list your favorite tag lines. Note how each one is very effective at describing what targeted customers most desire.

13. Simplicity is elegance. Just as simplicity adds elegance to any jewelry design; simplicity adds to the effectiveness of a tag line. Do exercise the KISS principle and keep it simple.

14. Edit your list with your heart not your mind. If the tag line does not have an emotional or romantic value to it, pass on that one and find another. A compelling jewelry tag line grabs the attention of viewers and doesn’t easily let go. If your proposed tag line does not have that sort of staying power . . . move on to the next one.

15. What makes a tag line more memorable? Consider how a tag line can have lyrical, rhythmical and mnemonic qualities and really good ones extract an inescapable inflection in your tone of voice.

16. Be original and stay away from cliques. Cliques cheapen your message and drain all desirable uniqueness.

An effective jewelry tag line creates a picture of a company, brand or product in a memorable, succinct and easily understandable phrase. The jewelry tag line must elicit credibility, originality; trustworthiness and timelessness. To increase the appeal of a jewelry tag line it must be believable, positive, upbeat, and original. An effective tag line can help a marketing message break through all of the advertising clutter today’s consumers are confronted with on a daily basis. Jewelry tag lines need to grab the attention of viewers, sell the sizzle and be easily remembered.