How to Wear the Chunkiest Jewelry

Statement jewelry continues to have its day in the sun. Among the chunkiest jewelry designs favored by the fashion media this season are extraordinary pendant necklaces and cuff bracelets from Lanvin Paris. These designs are not for everybody; indeed, they are so large and attention-getting that they steal the show. At first glance, they may seem to be difficult for almost anyone to wear. After all, when a woman wears jewelry, she wants others to see her, not just her jewelry.

Illustration:  A current ad for Lanvin Paris

There are styling techniques that can make a large piece of jewelry more wearable. Notice how, in the ad shown above, Lanvin styled the model wearing the chunky pendant necklace and cuffs–the model’s eyes are given extreme emphasis and her bright lips further ensure that the features of her face figure significantly in the overall look.

Illustration:  A Lanvin pendant necklace as styled in the October 2010 issue of Allure

The October 2010 issue of Allure magazine features a different chunky Lanvin pendant necklace. Notice how Allure styles the model with an exaggerated hairstyle as well as makeup emphasizing her eyes in order to balance the chunkiness of the necklace.

Aggressive makeup or voluminous hairstyles can provide balance to a huge, irresistible piece of statement jewelry. Avoid wearing other jewelry that is too small in scale to coordinate with the oversized designs, such as small or finely detailed earrings. A sleek ensemble allows the chunky jewelry to catch the eye, but keeps the viewer ultimately focused on the woman wearing the eye-catching pieces.

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