How to Sell Value

Customers buying today have one thing in common . . . they all want exceptional value. By providing an outstanding selection of product you make your company more appealing and certainly earn more consideration from shoppers.  So focus on the designs and styles that appeal most to “the type of customer that is attracted to your store” and “buy what customers are willing to purchase at the price you need to charge.”  Knowing how to sell the value of a catorgory selection is an example of selling value.

Today more than in the past, a good deal is not such a strong buyer motive.  It seems jewelry retailers in all catgories and segments are offering price discounts- so a price discount alone will not win the business as it has in the past. Now sales associates really need to understand what it means to sell value.  

Customers need to really get excited about the individual items they see on display and they need to find a deep selection of products that reinforce their interest to purchase a particular design and style of jewerly.  Don’t try to have a little bit of everything for everyone who might walk into your store. Define your market segment by the categories you sell and dominate those categories with a superior selection. The number one influence of retail customers has been and will continue to be . . . selection.

Today’s recessionary shoppers want to find the jewelry item that is outstanding in design style and merchandise presentation.  Sales associates must be taught how to sell these examples of  ”product value.” Jewelry products must excite shoppers before and after they hear what the price is. Remember, selling value is more than emphasizing services that come along with the product. Positioning service is the classic way to overcome a price objection, but does not adequately or effectively sell value. Selling value is about getting the customer to personally experience the benefits (and thrills) of owning, gifting, self-gifting or wearing jewelry. Getting the customer to “project” that sort of mind set is another example of selling value.

When a shopper has on a specific piece of jewelry in hand it must make the statement; send a message of excitement, and elicit such compelling feelings the price becomes a manageable issue . . . a more obtainable consideration. The value received from the jewelry must be perceived as greater than keeping the monetary funds necessary to obtain the goods.

What are some examples of how your company sells value?

What questions might you have regarding how to sell value?