How Jewelers Can Avoid Hitting the Wall

In running there is a term known as “hitting the wall.” What the term means is that mentally, emotionally, and physically the runner is totally and completely drained and can’t take another stride. They are simply out of gas. Each and every runner has a different point at which they hit the wall and cannot continue.

I believe the same thing is true in business as well as with individual salespeople. Every business and every salesperson will eventually “hit the wall.” The business or salesperson will not be able to go any further, produce any more, or reach the next level of sales and productivity. Sales will level off and complacency may even become commonplace. The business and the individual will keep doing the same tasks, selling the same way, and producing the same results.

The only cure for “hitting the wall” is first recognizing what your “stops” are and secondly, soliciting outside intervention from experts. Learning what your “stops” are can be very difficult. It is a process through which a business or a salesperson recognizes weaknesses that are causing a lack of growth. When does the individual salesperson give up on the sale, hand the customer a business card and tell the customer that when you are ready come back and see me? Is it that enough questions weren’t asked? Was it that the salesperson couldn’t handle the objection? Was it a lack of product knowledge? Is it that the business is run on opinions rather than facts? Does the sales manager/owner lack the confidence when it comes to making decisions? Does the business have a culture of personal growth and development?

These are all questions that a business owner and individual salesperson should be asking themselves along with many others. The key to growth and further accomplishment is within you. Recognize when you “hit the wall,” and then seize the knowledge, energy, and willpower to move on.

Author, trainer, consultant, and speaker Brad Huisken is president of IAS Training. He publishes a free weekly newsletter called “Sales Insight.” For a free subscription or more information on training, contact IAS Training at 800-248-7703,, fax 303-936-9581, or visit the website at

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