House of Taylor applies for NASDAQ listing

House of Taylor Jewelry, Inc., has filed an application with the NASDAQ Stock Market to have its common stock listed on its exchange.

“A NASDAQ listing of our common stock would represent an important milestone for our company,” said Jack Abramov, CEO of House of Taylor Jewelry. “By moving to the NASDAQ Capital Market we hope to provide greater transparency and liquidity for our shareholders and to elevate our company’s visibility and standing in the financial community.”

A NASDAQ Capital Market security satisfies all applicable qualification requirements for NASDAQ securities in Rule 4300 other than those applicable to NASDAQ National Market securities, HOuse of Taylor said in a statement. All companies listed on The NASDAQ Capital Market must meet certain financial requirements and adhere to NASDAQ’s corporate governance standards.

House of Taylor is an international multi-brand jewelry manufacturing and marketing company whose principal shareholders include Elizabeth Taylor and Kathy Ireland.