Holiday Jewelry Commercial Review

I am happy to say that, while I don’t watch tons of TV, I have seen quite a few jewelry ads this year. There are, of course, commercials from Sterling, but I also saw a Macy’s/Everlon ad and an ad for Zale.

As you will see below, a lot of ads from the majors are hitting the “romance” theme hard; strikingly, they almost all feature couples. Still, it’s better than only talking about price.

First Zale’s

One good thing about being a company with an issue or two is that it tries new things. I really liked some of Zale’s commercials from the previous regime, and I like this a lot too. It feels modern (which not all jewelry commercials do) and definitely gets the “Diamond Store” message across. Another new Zale commercial is here.

Also quite well done are these little videos from Helzberg’s, which are also part of its TV campaign. They seem to feature real couples (if not, they are the greatest actors in the history of advertising.) They are posted on the company’s you tube page and its “I am Loved” website. I find them pretty affecting … (UPDATE: The TV commercial versions can be seen here and here.)

This Everlon commercial from Reeds, posted three months ago, certainly promotes the “Everlon” brand … I think the music makes it …

Kay is apparently also re-running its “Storm” commercial from last year, which can be seen on this page …, and here …

For whatever reason, this ad tends to elicit strong opinions, including from the folks at “Best Week Ever.” But basically, it’s a standard Kay commercial.  I would never underestimate the folks there.  The other Sterling commercials, such as for Jared, don’t seem to be online at the moment.

Next from Ben Bridge

This is pretty reminiscent of a vintage De Beers commercial, from the use to the word  “forever” to the couple on the snowy street and horse-carriage.

One of the few commercials I found that didn’t feature a couple  came from Riddle’s Jewelry. It stars a father and son.  It’s cute, although I’m not sure I buy the dialogue.

So, Zale comes out on top, as far as I’m concerned, and I really like what Helzberg is doing too. What do you think? I hope to revisit holiday advertising as the season progresses, so feel free to recommend any others you think are worthy, either in the comments or to rbates – at –

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