Hey Girls—Guys Do Notice Your Jewelry

Here’s a noteworthy survey result from the September 2011
issue of Glamour. The magazine asked an unspecified number of
men a series of questions about women’s style choices.
Among the questions: “Do you remember what your most recent girlfriend was
wearing on your first date?”

Some 29 percent admitted that they were oblivious to
what their girlfriends wore on that first date. Fifty percent said
that they “can picture the style, but not the colors.” (It does not appear that
one of the choices for response was that they “can picture the color, but not
the style,” which rules out many a song lyric or movie
reference such as “the lady in red” or “the Germans wore grey; you wore blue.”)

However, 21 percent of the men chose the option that they do
remember their girlfriend’s first date ensemble: “Yes, right down to the

An observant first date/soon-to-be-boyfriend may someday recall that first ensemble and, more specifically, that jewelry, to provide
clues when he needs an idea for a gift. It may register in his mind that you
like bracelets or brooches or that you collect charms.

More important, the jewelry may be part of what makes
that first-date ensemble memorable, whether it’s your signature
earrings or the ring you wear every day. Is there a story behind your jewelry
choices? What does your jewelry say about you?

On that first date, your potential new boyfriend might be
intrigued enough to want to learn the answers.