Henna Kisses from Cindy Crawford?

Supermodel-turned entrepreneur, Cindy Crawford, is selling kisses—though not the type that will enthuse most men. The One Kiss by Cindy Crawford jewelry collection for JC Penney officially launched in April, marking the merchant’s first foray into an exclusive fine jewelry brand, and the latest addition to Crawford’s growing line of lifestyle goods (others include furniture and home decor). Her jewelry is made in sterling silver and 14k gold plate over silver, features diamond and gemstone accents, and ranges in price from $79 – $299.

Cindy Crawford’s One Kiss Line for JC Penney

The market visit in New York. Nice displays.

One Kiss by Cindy Crawford for JC Penney  Cindy Crawford’s One Kiss Line for JC Penney

The jewelry: cute, simple, inexpensive, available at Penney’s.

According to Penney’s and the Crawford camp, her jewelry motifs are inspired by a henna symbol that “translates to kiss.” That sounds like a great story to tell at the counter, but it has raised some questions in the Henna world.

Cindy Crawford’s One Kiss Line for JC Penney

The Henna symbol for kiss, according to Crawford and Penney’s.

“Henna is merely the medium with which you draw any design,” according to a representative from the Face Painting and Body Art Association. Could Crawford have drawn inspiration from a Kanji symbol instead?

Kanji symbol for love  Cindy Crawford’s One Kiss Line for JC Penney

Similarities? The Kanji symbol, Ai, which means love and Crawford’s signature motif.

For sure, the jewels are cute, the prices are outstanding, Crawford’s celebrity brings more exposure to fine jewelry, and sales at Penneys make the line widely accessible. But considering how often the jewelry industry already finds itself in hot water in the press, I am concerned that the story behind this line is unclear and that could bruise our industry.

Am I reading too much into this?

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