Happy 200th, Style 360!

In honor of this, our 200th post, I take you, dear reader, on a trip down memory lane. With a blog (as opposed to a magazine), we write the content quickly and, given the fast pace of the internet, rarely look back. So, for our bicentennial here, I went back through the archives and picked out some favorite gems from our past 13 months in the blogosphere. 
Thanks to all for following us through the past 199 posts. I hope you’ll enjoy this look back and keep reading (and sending comments!) as we look ahead. 

  • Our very first post [sniff]. We’ve lost Maria and Laura along the way (we miss you guys!), but the rest of the team stays the same. 
  • Laura’s interesting take on naming babies after jewels generated a lot of comments. Ok, granted, the commenters were largely genetically linked to Laura, but it’s still a fun post!  
  • Jen’s discussion of holiday gifts and the sentimentality of jewelry and other items is super sweet. As is the comment from her hubby. 
  • This behind the scenes look at one of our fashion shoots is a personal favorite, solely for the chance to see Todd directing traffic inside a building and the crackberry addiction shot. 
  • Ace snoop Bacilio uncovers an answer for the age-old question of what to do when a diamond isn’t forever. 
  • What goes on in our busy offices? What important issues do our editors spend time discussing? Here’s a peek. It still makes me laugh out loud.
  • Jen spares no venom for an absurdly overpriced bag, reminds jewelers that they need to stay on top of their game, and makes us all laugh in the process.
  • The idea that Disney influences grown women this much still scares me. But Joe’s comment cracks me up.
  • What is a trip down memory lane without a stop in Vegas?
  • Toni brilliantly comments on a trend of partnerships in marketing and advertising
  • One of my favorite posts, Toni’s observations show jewelry’s role in the world beyond our industry.
  • A personal, sentimental favorite, because it’s a cause near and dear (and because I get to show off my fabulous family!)
  • Bacilio fabulously captures a real-life watch exchange in Italy.
  • This entertaining post gives insight into how the fashion world looks at jewelry.
  • Leave it to Jen to take on Russell Simmons.