Happy 100th, Style 360!

With this, we mark our 100th post to the Style 360 blog. Not being much of a techie, I’m not entirely sure if this is a significant milestone in the cyber-world but, when Bacilio pointed out that he’d posted number 99, I thought, hey, why not take the opportunity to celebrate the work of my talented colleagues!

In 99 posts, our writers—Jennifer, Laura, Toni, Bacilio, Maria and myself—have offered thoughts, comments, and opinions on news in the world of fashion, design and style. We’re looking forward to continuing our blogging and, on this momentous (or not) occasion, I encourage you, our readers, to share your own thoughts and opinions on the subjects we post about. Because, while we love airing our own ideas, we love getting feedback even more. Let’s face it, this blog and our magazines are only as strong as our relationship with our readers. So, speak up! Our style team hopes you’ll keep reading (and commenting on) the 100s of posts to come.

P.S. Thanks also to our families, friends and JCK co-workers who not only read our posts, but regularly comment as well… (Yes, even those of you with not-so-subtle aliases that we’re all on to!)

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