Handbag-Toting Woman Foils Jewelry Theft (Video)

An elderly woman in the United Kingdom used her handbag to fend off
six men armed with sledgehammers as they attempted a smash-and-grab theft at an
Northampton jewelry store on Feb. 7, according to Sky News.

As the staff of the jewelry store activated automated shutters to
protect the store’s windows, the woman ran toward the
men while she was clutching a large handbag. The video shows her hitting three of the men with her
bag and chasing them away.

According to reports, police arrested four of the men and are seeking
the others two believed to be involved in the incident. Three sledgehammers, a
pair of bolt cutters, and a moped was left in the street near the jewelry

The woman has not been identified but told Sky News: “What concerned
me was that too many people just stood around watching as if they were in
shock, and nobody was doing anything.”