H. Weiss Triplet Jewelry

You’ve surely heard of doublets: one stone bonded to another. Triplets—three layers of stone, including a faceted white quartz top—are a little less common, but just as striking. And that’s just what you’ll see at the booth of H. Weiss, which is debuting a new collection of triplets this week at the Centurion show in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Triplets offer a large look for a price point—particularly one that’s harder to obtain with big single stones—and “give dimension” and color and shape variety to pieces, explains H. Weiss vice president Paul Vopat. “The way prices have gone has forced industry to be more creative.”

One retail buyer from Charlotte, N.C., recognized the look right away, but a larger number of retailers didn’t—and quite a few (including one from Texas) have placed orders. According to Vopat, the largest buy so far was for $5,000.

The triplets are cut and assembled in Thailand, and comprise a layer of turquoise or onyx bonded to mother-of-pearl with a white quartz top. There’s no minimum buy-in for the styles made in 18k gold that start at $2,000 retail.

H. Weiss Triplet Colored Stone Jewelry

Earrings in 14k white gold have 16.7 cts. t.w. white topaz bonded to a layer of mother-of-pearl and green turquoise, as well as 0.30 ct. t.w. diamonds; $3,100