Guertin Brothers Offer Free Palladium Brochure

Guertin Brothers, a fine wedding bands and bridal jewelry manufacturer, has released an informational brochure about palladium, a Platinum Group metal.

The Roanoke, Virg.-based company uses what it calls “Fusion Forged” technology in the manufacturing of their Palladium rings. This process results in higher quality with greater consistency and durability without porosity. Guertin has been manufacturing in Palladium for nearly 50 years.

“This is an essential basic guide about Palladium which every jeweler should read,” said Rob Nordt, Guertin Brothers president. “This brochure is an excellent introduction to the metal.”

Free copies of the Palladium Information brochure are available by calling Guertin Brothers at 800-225-3141 or emailing A new brochure of the company’s palladium designs will be available this summer.