GSI offers online viewing and real-time tracking of grading reports

Gemological Science International launched a new Web site called “The GEM Experience” that allows industry professionals to view online their actual final grading reports as soon as it is printed along with the ability to track the status of their diamonds. 

“Both the online actual report accessibility and the real-time tracking system significantly reduce the communication time between the lab and its clients,” said GSI CEO Mark Gershburg, the lab-industry veteran who opened GSI last year.

GSI says it has addressed security issues by requiring a unique combination of proprietary registration numbers known only to the lab and the stone’s owner.

The tracking system is based on the Federal Express model. GSI tested the system with clients for the past four months. 

In addition, GSI says it envisions its new Web site as a vehicle to educate consumers about gem grading and to excite them about gemstones in general.

“The human relationship with gemstones is an important yet often overlooked aspect of what we all do,” Gershburg said.  

Users can “scope” a diamond at 60 power or take a virtual tour of its lab. The site also provides a 4Cs video of magnified diamonds, along with an explanation of diamond quality. A photograph of a bar code on the girdle of a diamond to illustrate the range of laser inscription possibilities.

The site also contains a virtual tour of GSI section invites web visitors inside the lab and the diamond-grading process so users can have a better understanding of how a diamond or colored stone is graded.

GSI markets its grading services mainly to large manufacturers, major jewelry chains, department stores, and online jewelers. It is headquartered in New York City’s Diamond District. For more information, visit