GSI Offers Combined Grading and GemEx Light Performance Report

Gemological Science International and GemEx have introduced a combined report that offers the classic 4Cs, plus other physical features of the diamond, along with the resultant benefits of those features, defined by GemEx as the actual light output of the diamond.

“This is the first time that a grading report shares top billing with light performance analysis based on GemEx’s photospectromic technology,” said GSI chief executive officer Mark Gershburg.

“The GemEx report is so important to us, and our customers understand it. To wrap up everything in one nice, neat package is utopia,” said Gary Gordon, chief executive officer of Samuel Gordon Jewelers, who was the first high-end jeweler to embrace the GemEx technology in 2000.

Until now customers who wanted to offer both a grading report and GemEx have had to order the two separate documents directly from the diamond manufacturer. A combined GSI/GemEx report offers convenience to everybody in the supply chain, said Gershburg. GSI is also the only lab that can scan a diamond using GemEx equipment.

“GSI and GemEx share a commitment to innovation, which is one of the reasons I’m delighted to work with them on this initiative,” said Randall Wagner, President/CEO of GemEx, which owns the worldwide patent on a diamond imaging spectrophotometer. “It is a giant step forward for the diamond industry.”

The lab offers the combined report in a variety of formats from full- to credit-card sized, along with customized designs. The report is fully digitized, including digital plotting, which GSI recently introduced in its reports. Like all GSI reports, the actual combined report can be viewed online, as soon as it is printed, at its Web site,, and can also be viewed on

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