GSI Adds Digital Plotting

Gemological Science International said it has added digital plotting to its list of proprietary, high-tech software applications for diamond grading. Digital plotting reduces paperwork, streamlines the grading process, and allows access to plotted diagrams and reports from anywhere in the world, said Mark Gershburg, GSI president and chief executive officer.

“We can now plot a diamond in our lab in Mumbai and print out the report in New York,” Gershburg said. “It gives us tremendous flexibility in addition to the benefits of more accurate plotting.”

Gershburg added that GSI also sees digital plotting as a benefit for its growing number of e-commerce customers, who want to see the actual report with a plot without having to scan it.

The GSI grader plots the diamonds directly into the computerized diagram. It shows up exactly as plotted on the final printed report, Gershburg said. This eliminates human error that can happen when plotting is copied manually to the report.

GSI can also replicate reports easily if they are lost or damaged, Gershburg said.

GSI’s computerized and automated grading lab allows customers to view online their actual final grading report as soon as it is printed and track it, Fed Ex-style, the status of their diamonds. 
A full-service gem lab, GSI’s clients are mainly large manufacturers, major jewelry chains, department stores, and online jewelers. It is headquartered in New York City’s Diamond District at 581 Fifth Avenue and has an office in Mumbai, India. For more information, visit or call Debbie Azar at 212-207-4140 Ext. 202.