Great Instagram: Luv AJ’s Hip, Colorful Feed

Sunshine and celebrities pepper the L.A. brand’s Insta-feed

Luv AJ, the Los Angeles–based fashion jewelry brand that counts Miley Cyrus and the Jenner sisters as big fans, boasts 78,800 followers on Instagram.

It’s easy to see why—designer Amanda Thomas and her team almost daily post beautiful photos that could double as tears from a fashion editorial spread. Also peppered into the mix are personal snapshots, wedding photos, sleek sale notices, and cool quotes. But the photos are always on-brand—youthful, slightly irreverent, high-fashion.

Below, a quick dive into what makes the Luv AJ feed so lovable.




Life, Heightened

Thomas recently posted this wedding photo, showing—in one snap—lots of what we love about her aethetics as a designer. It’s a personal shot but obviously taken at a moment where she and her husband are dressed to the nines. It lets users know they’re dealing with a fashion-forward brand, and it shares loads of personality. 


Celebrity Shots

Luv AJ posts celebrities wearing the collection, but shies away from starlets on the red carpet. The brand has strong relationships with a host of notables, and its posts featuring celebs feel intimate—not like press releases.


Non-jewelry posts

While jewelry dominates the brand’s feed (as it should), it also features imagery that rounds out the hip Luv AJ lifestyle—such as this shot of a room in Thomas’ house. 


Behind the Scenes

When the brand was shooting a new campaign, someone posted this shot of model Polaroids, strewn with pieces from the collection. In one shot it gave fans a glimpse of what’s to come and invited them behind the curtain. Snap!


Sense of Place

This post is telling fans that there are a few pairs of a certain style of earring available for sale online. But it’s also putting followers in a certain place—a beautiful SoCal beach at sunset. Snaps like these are miles more evocative than plain product shots—and cheaper to produce!

(All photos courtesy of Luv AJ)

JCK Magazine Editor