Good Wood: Tense Watch for Holiday Gifting

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, reading blogs or even just shopping online, you’ve probably noticed an influx of holiday gift guides (including our own Amy Elliott’s naughty and nice editions)—’tis the season, after all.

One thing I’ve noticed in many of the gift guides (as I have happily devoured them, bulking up my own wishlist) is the presence of timepieces. There’s a range in prices, but the majority of the watches I’ve seen hover around the $500 mark or less (Has anyone else noticed the comeback of the 1980s Casio watch? It’s sort of awesome.)

If I were to put together a gift guide, it’d be made up of all sorts of independent retailers’ goods—organic cotton t-shirts, linen kitchen goods, handmade pottery, that sort of thing—and I have found these pieces from Tense Watch would fit the aesthetic quite nicely. Made in Canada from completely recycled or reclaimed wood, styles are offered in men’s, women’s, and unisex, and either feature Swiss or Japanese movements.

With monikers like Hudson, Alpine, Hampton, and Vermont, selecting a favorite could depend on your penchant for a certain location just as much as the type of wood used in the watch’s construction. There is also a fairly wide range of shapes (round, rectangular, square) and colors, so watch lovers can have their pick of the litter. If you really want to get wild, the timepieces can be customized: select a preferred dial, case, strap, and even engraving.

You can visit to see the full spectrum, but here are just a few examples of what I think would make a fabulous, unexpected holiday gift option this holiday season.

Tense Watch Hudson walnut watch | JCK On Your Market

Hudson Swiss movement watch in stainless steel and walnut, $360

Tense Watch Hampton zebrawood watch | JCK On Your Market

Hampton Japanese movement watch in stainless steel and zebrawood, $190 (also at top)

Tense Watch Hudson rose wood watch | JCK On Your Market

Hudson Swiss movement watch in stainless steel, rosewood, and Italian leather, $330

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