Golden Globe Hits and (Many) Misses

I really hate those fashion reports on cable television where a bunch of catty “experts” sit around sounding like mean girls in high school. But, as I watched the Golden Globes last night, I wondered if the celebs were collectively taunting such critics. I kept trying to focus on the task at hand (picking out the jewelry trends that will translate into the real world for 2009), but kept getting distracted by thoughts like: “Huh. Apparently NO one looks good in black lace…” and “Really? Is it THAT hard to find a tuxedo that fits? (or, a tuxedo in general?)”

Ok, back to the trends… as far as jewelry goes, there were a few notable looks that have been developing for several seasons: chunky drop earrings, structured necklaces, colored stones, and yellow gold. 

To my eyes, Beyonce and Eva Mendez were standouts for gorgeous structured necklaces that looked fresh, brought balance to their dresses, yet didn’t over (or under) whelm the overall look.

Drew Barrymore, with a ‘do that channeled what I can only describe as a 1950s celebrity after one-too-many cocktails, led the chunky-earring trend:

along with Kate Beckinsale (long a fan of significant drop earrings). 

If Renee Zellweger, whose hair/gown ensemble made me wince, had one saving grace, it was surely her gold cuffs. 

Sandra Bullock and Anna Paquin similarly dared to choose yellow gold over the “safe” white metal looks. And Debra Messing, well, she apparently couldn’t choose between white and yellow, so mixed them (to a not-so-successful result).

As far as color goes, blue was the only big standout amid a lifeless sea of washed out hues and standard black.

Granted, the Golden Globes are never quite as dazzling as the Academy Awards when it comes to fashion. So, hopefully, celebrities and their stylists will sort through last night’s blunders and serve up some fashion to inspire us at the Oscars next month.