GlobalOfficeX Releases iJeweler Mobile App

GlobalOfficeX Network, parent company of Parekh Management
Ltd, released the iJeweler
1.0 mobile application

The iJeweler app is available for jewelers and consumers and
is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and presently being developed
for Android and Blackberry,

The app cost $10.99 per month and establishes direct
communication between local consumers and local businesses.

The app puts a jeweler’s local market in touch with the
jeweler through the mobile device in real time. The app finds and sends
consumer questions to the closest jewelers and allows the jeweler to answer the
question with their contact information attached.

Jewelers also have access to real time precious metal charts
and prices in eight different currencies.

The consumer version is free and allows consumers to ask and
gems, jewelry, or watch related question to a jeweler near the consumer.

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