Glamm Industries Names Interim Executive Vice President of Operations

On Sept. 1, Total Licensing and Glamm Industries announced that Glamm has appointed Walter Sims, former president of Swatch USA, as interim executive vice president of operations.

Sims will lead Glamm’s operations as the company prepares to launch the new collection of SKECHERS Time Instruments in late 2011.

Previously, Sims held management positions at major global companies including Estee Lauder, Revlon, and Polaroid.

Sims will be reunited with industry veteran Mary Swan Lewis, a former senior vice president of Swatch USA, who is now president of Glamm.

“Mary and I have partnered for many years in developing and launching successful brands with innovative products that resonate with our intended target market,” said Sims in a statement. “We are excited about our relationship with TLI and I’m confident in the future plans we have for SKECHERS Time Instruments as well as additional properties that can be added to the group’s brand portfolio.”

TLI recently partnered with Glamm to develop and market timepieces for SKECHERS USA.