Giant Tanzanite to be Displayed in Tucson

The largest tanzanite ever discovered has been cut and polished and will be on display at AGTA GemFair Tucson.  

The unusually large piece of rough was uncovered at the TanzaniteOne mining facility in Meralani, Tanzania, in early 2008. Rare Multicolor Gems, at its cutting facilities in Jaipur, India, shaped the 525.55-ct. stone “to reflect maximum brilliance, while keeping its incredible size and unique color,” the Tanzanite Foundation said in a statement.

Plans are being made to send the gem to the American Gem Trade Association for grading and certification according to the Tanzanite Foundation’s Tanzanite Quality Scale.

The gem will be on display at the Tucson Gemfair at GJX Booth #824-924, Feb. 4 – 9.