GIA to Host Platinum Jewelry Exhibition

The Gemological Institute of America will showcase the platinum Aqua Collection and highlights of the Plat Africa collection at its world headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. The Best of Platinum exhibit, which is open to the public, begins Nov. 2 and runs through April 30, 2010. An early preview of the Aqua Collection will take place Oct. 16.

The Aqua Collection is made up of four pieces-Aqua, by Orlando Orlandini; Shibuki, by Yuka Kobayashi; Jiang, by Chu Wai On; and Iraja, by Arunima Bhaumik-representing Italy, Japan, China, and India respectively.

The Plat Africa pieces are winning designs from a competition for South African jewelry designers and local design students. The exhibition will feature six pieces from the collection.

The exhibit also will showcase several award-winning platinum pieces by designers Kirk Kara, Danhov, Mark Schneider, Michael B, Gurhan, Lisa Kirkawa, and Tom Munsteiner.

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