GIA Reduces Dossier Fees for Smaller Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America announced Friday that, effective immediately, it will reduce the cost of the GIA Diamond Dossier service by up to 12 percent on diamonds weighing up to 1.49 cts.

In addition, for a limited time starting Jan. 1, 2009, GIA is offering two new volume-based programs. 

First, for clients who qualify for this offer, GIA will supply customized grading report sleeves specifically designed to highlight the manufacturer’s or retailer’s brand name (see image).

Also, qualifying customers can get personalized inscriptions on their diamonds for 25 percent less than the usual fee. These inscriptions can be tailored to include the client’s brand name or logo.

To get more information about the Diamond Dossier pricing, go to GIA’s fee schedule page on

For more information about the other offers, call the GIA Laboratory Customer Service in New York at (212) 221-5858, ext. 3724, or in California at (760) 603-4500, ext. 7590.

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