GIA Launches eLearning Jewelry Program

GIA eLearning platformThe Gemological Institute of America unveiled a new, online, multimedia format for its distance learning courses in gemology and jewelry sales. GIA is offering this advanced education technology, known as “eLearning,” to students effective immediately for its Accredited Jewelry Professional diploma program.

GIA’s eLearning includes video for hands-on demonstrations, interviews with experts, instructor lectures, and “see it for yourself” segments. It uses voice capabilities to give proper pronunciation and explanations from specialists. GIA said it allows people can read, hear, see, and be more interactive with the subject matter.

“This is yet another way we are fulfilling our mission on a global level,” said Donna Baker, GIA president and chief executive officer. “Delivering our courses via the Internet makes the same high-quality information more readily and consistently available to people everywhere, and encourages the standardized, professional development of the jewelry industry worldwide.”

GIA said it plans to extend eLearning capability to all its Distance Education courses as the Institute develops the multidimensional instructional content required for each GIA eLearning course.

GIA customized a learning management system platform for its eLearning that allows students to access all coursework, materials, and lessons online in a media-rich, easy-to-use environment. All questionnaires, including an un-proctored final exam for the A.J.P. program, are delivered online with students receiving immediate feedback.

At the same time, eLearning comes with full GIA support so that a student can reach a personal instructor or staff person as needed via phone, e-mail, or in person. Print materials for the A.J.P. courses will remain available for purchase upon request. The printed course materials for Jewelry Essentials and Diamond Essentials each cost $40, and $50 for the Colored Stone Essentials course, plus shipping and handling charges and applicable sales tax.

To see a demonstration of the GIA eLearning system, visit