GIA and California University to Share Library Resources

The libraries at California State University San Marcos and the Gemological Institute of America are extending borrowing privileges to each other’s students and faculty. 

The Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center, located on the Robert Mouawad campus of GIA in Carlsbad, Calif., will loan materials to non-GIA students and staff for the first time.

In return, GIA students and faculty will have access to CSUSM’s Library of more than 260,000 book volumes, as well as sound, film, and video recordings.  

In addition to the mutual borrowing privileges, the GIA Library is providing the CSUSM Library a subscription to GIA’s quarterly journal Gems & Gemology, as well as G&G back issues from 1981 to date. Issues from 1934-1980 are available for free download on GIA’s website. The GIA Library will also give GIA Museum exhibition catalogs to the CSUSM Library as they become available.

GIA librarians will answer “ready reference” questions in the fields of gemology and jewelry received via e-mail, telephone, or fax, as they do for other members of the public.