Get to Know Doves Jewelry

The Great Neck, N.Y.–based Doves uses lots of colored stones and incorporates a tiny dove motif into each design.

Doron Hakimian of Doves

Doron Hakimian, founder and jewelry designer behind Doves Jewelry

Headquarters: Great Neck, N.Y.

Year firm launched: 1980

Signature style: “I am actually an architect by trade. I started off my career designing buildings and now I ‘build’ earrings, pendants, and rings. Many people comment that they see architectural influences in my jewelry. But in general, oversize checkerboard cuts of gemstones with diamond accents, and black, brown, and colorless pavé pieces set in gold—often with oxidized accents—are signature looks in the line.

“The name Doves was created by my parents who were refugees from the wartorn Middle East; the dove was a symbol of peace and a new beginning for them. Today each Doves piece is hand-stamped with a tiny dove symbol. For me it’s a daily reminder of what we stand for, as well as quality, integrity, hard work, and all of the opportunities this country has afforded me.”

Training, education, and design process: “After finishing my architecture studies, I was persuaded by my family to sketch a few designs for their decades-old diamond business. I think the advantage my background gives me is that I understand space and shapes and how to work with both. When I sketch a pendant I picture where it will fall on a woman’s neck to be most alluring. When I’m designing an earring I imagine how it will frame a woman’s face. I make rings that lengthen a woman’s finger. I sketch every piece myself and then cast pieces in workshops in New York City or China, depending on how labor intensive pieces are, under my supervision.”

Materials of choice: “I work in 18k gold, diamonds, and natural gemstones in a wide array of colors.”

Accounts: “We currently have 500 accounts in the U.S., including London Jewelers and Borsheims. We have 50 international accounts including Ballerina in St. Maarten, and Rabat in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, Spain.”

Jewelry trade show exhibits: “We are kicking off the new year with the Centurion show followed by the Select Jewelry Show, the Prime Jewelry Group show, the IJO shows, and, of course, JCK Las Vegas.”

Retailer buy-in: “There is no minimum buy-in.”

Starting retail price: “The line is largely made in 18k gold with a starting retail price of $495.”