Geometric Jewels Are Trending on Instagram

Geometric jewels—that is, jewelry comprised of multiple shapes, or replete with angles, zigzags, and the like—are hardly ever in short supply. With so much visual interest, thanks to varying stone cuts, points, and lines, it’s hard not to love a good geometric design.

Still, it seems that as of late, we’re loving them even more than usual—at least, if Instagram is any indication. This past week alone, I’ve noticed the geometric jewelry look is positively thriving. In many cases, it’s doing so in bright, vivid colors‚ like jewelry pop art or something out of a colorful comic book.

And darn if it doesn’t just make you feel really happy to see. So to start your Thanksgiving week off right, here are some of the best I’ve double-tapped on Instagram recently.

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Hello Friday! #ziggystack #diamondbangle

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