Generation Next

Brian Franklin and his father Kelly have owned various types
of retail jewelry stores. After opening their third store in June, the father
and son duo are convinced they’ve hit on a winning formula of a store within a
store, an idea hatched by Brian’s mother and his wife. 

Generation Jewelers interior.

In June, Kelly and Brian opened Generation Jewelers in Peoria, AZ. The
2,300-square-foot store takes the family business to new levels with a move
from lower end price point silver jewelry set with colored stones, ranging from
Idaho jasper to sunstone from Oregon, to complete
lines of high-end gold bridal and fine jewelry including platinum lines.

Set apart in the store space is a 400-square-foot clothing
and accessories area named the "Glitz Boutique." With its own name, identity
and even business cards, the boutique offers variety of fashion accessory items
that complement or are add-ons to a jewelry purchase, ranging from purses and
wallets to dresses and blouses as well as price-point-friendly fashion jewelry. 

Generation Jewelers Glitz Boutique

 "Jewelry and fashion go hand in hand," says Brian.

Changes to the store’s merchandise and the addition of the
boutique are just some of the differences from the previous retail outlets the
family has managed. For the first time in the family’s history in retail
jewelry, which was started by Brian’s grandfather, the store is owned property
not rented.

Generation Jewelers is located in an office complex that is
one five office spaces in a one-level structure that embodies a modern
interpretation on Southwest style architecture, with its beige colored stucco
and exposed mahogany wood beams. The Franklins
secured a prime corner space 30 feet from the main road as one of the first
investors in the office space. 

Generation Jewelers exterior.

 "We were interested in this space over 18 months ago when
the developers hadn’t even broken ground on the building," says Brain. "We were
in at the start and were part of the [building] process literally from the
foundation up," says Brian. "When it came time for the build-out, we knew
exactly what the space would be like, and how we would make this retail space
different from our past stores."   

The Franklins
opened their new store in June, but will hold a grand opening in November when
the weather is cooler and the event can also function as a kickoff to the
holiday shopping season. 

Senior Editor Jennifer
Heebner contributed to this story.