Gemvision Design Symposium Part 2

On Saturday we broke into classroom training on a variety of subjects. While most of the sessions were conducted by Gemvision staff, there were others that were lead by experienced users. Jim Tuttle , owner of Green Lake Jewelry Works in Seattle presented to a very large crowd. Jim continues to grow and evolve his business while refining a technology enhanced custom design process that is near perfection. I have visited his store myself and it is a model for innovation.

At lunch we were introduced to the American Gem Society and the benefits of that prestigious organization. Ruth Batson announced that the 75th Annual AGS Conclave to be held in Chicago in April 1-4, 2009 will be open to all jewelers who have an interest in the organization. If you are not a member and have never been to an AGS conclave, this is a great opportunity to join this premier educational event.

The afternoon session was what I have been waiting for. Travis Serio a contributing developer for Matrix has been working on the V-Ray rendering software for Matrix and has created some of the most amazing photorealistic renderings of jewelry I have ever seen.  In one of my earlier Blogs I extol the virtues of this new software so, all I can say is, “thanks” Travis for helping us all get to the next level. You have made it easier for all of us to design and sell custom jewelry.

After our heads were stuffed with more than we could hold, the cocktail hour was a welcome relief followed by delicious dinner and good conversation. During the desert, Jeff High announced the winners of the Matrix Design Contest and awarded prizes.

While there were many excellent choices, the Grand Prize, elected by the attendees, was presented to Justin Thorup of E-Lance Jeweler in Phoenix, Arizona.

For those who did not attend I hope you will next year…For those that did attend….your thoughts and comments are welcomed. Look for my review coming soon on the NextEngine 3D Scanner with the nwe HD processor……