GemFind Integrates IDEX Feed; Lazare Campaign Unveiled; New Ivanka Trump Lines; and More

GemFind Integrates IDEX Into Its Ring, Stud, and Pendant Builder Programs

GemFind, a trusted source in the jewelry industry for website and online marketing solutions, has announced its data integration with IDEX Online, a leading provider of trading services and content for the diamond industry. New customers will be able to automate an export of diamonds listed on the Guaranteed Diamond Transaction platform directly into websites and Web applications running from the GemFind network.

“Allowing IDEX’s Guaranteed Diamond Transaction platform to be accessible within the GemFind network makes our job a lot easier and brings even more function and benefit to our mutual clients,” said GemFind CEO Alex Fetanat. “Our ring, earring, and pendant builders are among our most exciting products, and now our retail members can use the IDEX Online GDT data feed within all of these Web apps.”

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Lazare Kaplan International Reveals 2012 Campaign in Las Vegas

Lazare Kaplan International (LKI) has teamed up with Levine Design Group to design the new campaign for the 2012 Lazare collection, which was unveiled at the LUXURY and JCK shows in Las Vegas. The campaign, featuring Lazare’s bridal jewelry, includes in-store case displays, relevant marketing systems, and programs that aim to celebrate and distinguish the quality Lazare jeweler. LKI is rebranding with a new look and a public reminder of what the industry has known all along: When it’s a Lazare, “You Just Know.”

The company’s new campaign aims to attract millennial bridal consumers to Lazare jewelers across the United States. “Lazare’s new marketing materials are elegant and luxurious, and they parallel Lazare’s beautiful diamonds. It will definitely draw my customers to Lazare,” says Nikko Kandhari, CEO and president of Geoffrey’s Diamonds and Goldsmith in San Carlos, Calif.

Visit the Lazare Kaplan showroom on JCK Marketplace to see the company’s bridal designs and more.

Jewelry and Watch Scoring System ( Launches

The Jewelry and Watch Scoring System (JAWSS), a network that reviews and scores jewelry pieces and manufacturers for consumers and retailers, was launched April 23. According to founder Louis Valentine, JAWSS is meant to “bring transparency to the jewelry industry.”

“Before, there was no way for a buyer to know if a jewelry piece or watch was worth the money or not. It’s time to bring unbiased jewelry and watch ratings to the public so they can know the quality of the pieces they are looking at before they purchase,” Valentine explains.

Membership is free online, and members can post their own jewelry reviews and ratings.

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Colore | SG – The Lorenzo Collection

Seattle-based jewelry manufacturer Simon Golub & Sons recently announced the Colore | SG line, the new face of the Lorenzo Collection, which was launched in 2000. With rich, colorful stones set in textured sterling silver or 18k gold, Colore | SG’s designs are said to be elegant and stylish, yet vibrant and youthful.

Participating retailers will receive marketing materials, displays, and an expanded collection with their purchase of the new line.

To see the designs and take a personalized color quiz, visit

Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Launches Three Collections

Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry launched three collections inspired by the Art Deco period, classic styles from the past, and exotic cultures. The luxurious styles resonate with the brand’s goal of reinventing legacy jewelry for women of all ages, following its motto: “Rock Tradition.”

“These three new collections continue our tradition of paying homage to the past while embracing the future,” said Ivanka Trump. “The collections have an effortless glamour and modern elegance that I feel is missing in today’s jewelry.”

Check out the new collections—Belle Epoque, Lao Tong, and Gilded Cage—on JCK Marketplace.

Business Computing Unveils Role-Tailored Microsoft Dynamics e-Jewelry Software

At JCK Las Vegas 2012, Business Computing presented its new Microsoft Dynamics-run e-Jewelry Software that allows jewelers to maintain an up-to-date inventory of their business. Through the iPad-integrated program, jewelry manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers can manage their inventory and finances, process orders, and track their employees’ responsibilities. 

According to Mike Joukhajian, president and CEO of Business Computing, e-Jewelry Software is a user-friendly product that can be tailored to the jeweler’s needs and will clearly outline each employee’s role to ensure the business’ success. “…we actually sell Microsoft software, not our own in-house tailor made solution as compared to our competitors, who using Access and FoxPro languages, created something from scratch. All we did was to just add jewelry features and functionality to an already established financial ERP package from Microsoft. The rest is history. Think of it as just adding good four tires in a well-built consumer sports car so that you can use it in a Nascar race as opposed to building a race car from scratch using sub-standard parts!” He continued: “Microsoft spends over a billion dollars in research and development of Microsoft Dynamics NAV annually. None of our competitors have financial resources to match those numbers for upgrades.  And so for us, the future appears to be very bright.”

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