Gemewizard unveils GemePrice

Gemewizard has unveiled GemePrice, an online service that allocates wholesale prices to specific gemstone types, according to the Color Codes generated by Gemesquare, Gemewizard’s color communication module.

GemePrice enables users to obtain the price of a specific gem, after defining its specifications, through a series of drop-down menus. The user can browse through the price list checking various grades and sizes. Integrated and included in the system is the Gemesquare, meaning users can get prices for specifically and accurately defined gemstone colors. Prices are provided for the full range of grades and qualities of more than 50 types of the most commonly traded gemstone types, in 15 different shapes. Prices can be displayed per carat, by piece or in multiples of pieces.

To compute the gemstone prices quoted by GemePrice, Gemewizard has developed a system that includes a color analysis of tens of thousands of gemstones being offered for sale at any particular time on the Internet, gemstone prices allocated by a panel of experts, and real time commercial data collected from Gemewizard’s GemeShare trading platform. The system includes a series of checks and balances that verify the veracity of data being provided, and eliminates any anomalies that could distort the results.

The prices are updated every four weeks. Users can update their systems by means of the Gemewizard’s updated price list center. Subscribers to GemePrice service are required to pay an annual fee.

Because it is a wholesale price list system, GemePrice is only being made available to bona fide members of the trade. Individuals and companies applying to use the software and online service must be approved by Gemewizard before gaining access. Users wishing to run the GemePrice off line on their computer can obtain the GemePrice software from Gemwizard.

GemePrice will be exhibited for the first time at the GJX show in Tucson, Feb. 4-9, and can be viewed at the Gemewizard booth, Stand 710. A free 30-day trial version is available at

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