GCAL Launches New Web Site

Gem Certification & Assurance Lab has released a new Web site, www.gemfacts.com, with several new features—including a certificate search and verification, a Web page detailing GCAL’s Zero Tolerance Consumer Grading Guarantee, and an online video highlighting key processes in the lab.

The certificate search and verification function provides retailers and other diamond sellers with a quick, easy way to access and verify certificate information for their inventory and for customers online.

GCAL’s Zero Tolerance Consumer Grading Guarantee, explained on the Web site, is offered on all of GCAL’s diamond grading certificates. The GCAL “Zero Tolerance” consumer guarantee ensures the accuracy of the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight assigned to GCAL certified diamonds. According to the GCAL guarantee, at any time during the two years following the GCAL diamond certification, a consumer may submit the diamond to GCAL and if it is determined that the diamond does not meet the quality rating on the original certificate, GCAL will reimburse the customer the difference in retail market value between a diamond with the original weight and quality and the newly established weight or quality. The GCAL guarantee removes the possibility of grading inaccuracies and allows every buyer to have complete confidence in the quality of their GCAL-certified diamond.

In addition, each of the major steps of the GCAL diamond grading, certification and verification process for every diamond is reviewed in a brief video segment on the Web site. There are ten video segments including weights & measures; the Gemprint diamond and identification system; clarity grading; color grading; research; brilliance and symmetry; imaging; and quality assurance. GCAL also has prepared a DVD of all the lab processes and has made it available for free distribution to retailers to use in their stores to explain the diamond grading process to their customers.

The site also includes detailed sections highlighting GCAL’s key products and services including the Five Star Diamond Certificate, Ideal Cut Certificate, GemFactsSM Digital Certification Data Mini-CD, Source Veritas Passport, and Gemprint.

“Our key objective with our new Web site is to make information easily available to the diamond distribution channel, especially to retailers and to better communicate the unique products and services we offer,” said Donald A. Palmieri, President of GCAL.