GCAL Certifies Waldman’s Canadian Diamonds

The Waldman Diamond Company is working with Gem Certification & Assurance Lab to certify diamonds mined in Canada, and specifically, from the Diavik Diamond Mine (pictured), located in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

This program is designed to ensures that the diamonds compliant with the Kimberley Process and the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. The Diavik mine has been consistently praised for adhering to the highest environmental & safety standards, as well as, contributing significantly to the social and economic activity of the Northwest Terroritories of Canada.

GCAL was chosen for its ability to accomplish this level of transparency through its Source VeritasTM Process and Gemprint technology, the process for finding a diamond’s unique optical fingerprint. Presently, the Israeli, New York, and Vancouver, Canada, Waldman factories and offices are equipped with Gemprint instruments. In addition, each Canadian Source VeritasTM diamond comes with the GCAL 4C’s Zero Tolerance Consumer Grading Guarantee, which provides consumers with the added assurance that their diamond was graded accurately. GCAL

Waldman Diamond Company, founded in 1978 by Alexander Waldman, is a multi-national dynamic diamond & jewelry manufacturer that is consistently ranked in the top tier of Israeli Diamond Exporters.

Canadian diamonds are available for purchase by the diamond industry on Certified Diamond Exchange, www.CDEdiamonds.com, along with Fair Trade diamonds sourced and polished from Botswana.