Gareth Mostyn to Leave De Beers

De Beers executive head of strategy and corporate affairs Gareth Mostyn is leaving the company after six years.

He will join the Church of England as chief finance and operations officer.

Mostyn joined De Beers’ majority owner Anglo American in 2008 as head of corporate finance. He became its chief financial officer in 2012 and transitioned to his current role in 2016.

Mostyn will leave De Beers in early 2018. No announcement has been regarding his successor.

(Photo courtesy of De Beers)

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One response to “Gareth Mostyn to Leave De Beers”

  1. Kool another one Jump’s the De Beers boat to a safer one. These De Beers so called management dug the holes into the company with lousy ideas and poor vision and now it sinks. lol.

    Like I said in 10 to 15 years De Beers may become history. Too many useless management from friends, golf buddies and their family programs sunk this boat. All talk no delivery.

    Time for a good fresh and true change

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