Ganz Re-elected as IsDMA President

Moti Ganz was unanimously elected president of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association for the second consecutive term. The election was held Dec. 6 and the results were announced Dec. 16.

Ganz is also chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute and is vice president of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association.

Ganz, 46, is a second-generation diamantaire who began working in the industry as an independent manufacturer in 1982. He is currently the manager of Motiganz Diamond Group, a Diamond Trading Company sightholder.

Ganz began his public activity in 1989, when he was first elected a member of the IsDMA’s executive committee. During the years 2001-2002 he served as IsDMA’s deputy president. In 2004-2007 he served his first term as IsDMA’s president. In 2006 he was also elected chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute Group.

In addition, David de Toledo was elected deputy president of IsDMA, and Shlomo Juwal and Avner Haimoff were elected vice-presidents.
The members of the Presidium are Yair Sahar, Rafi Yerushalmi, and Shmuel Schnitzer.