Gaining an Edge through Trendy Jewelry

What I love about fashion and jewelry is how it is always changing. Through an approach to fashion jewelry can become slightly elusive or extremely seductive. Jewelry can make powerful statements regarding one’s image or even make a social statement.

 Where do you gain your insights into new jewelry fashion trends? Of course many jewelers look to their current vendors for new product introductions. But what if you want to expand your inventory mix and share some new approaches with your customers? Where do you go to find new trends? Industry media sources like JCK are excellent resources. But where else might you go? What sources outside the jewelry industry do you track to find new jewelry trends that might be particularly relevant to your existing customers? Consider as a source. You can find a review addressing nautical-themed fashion in jewelry and rope designed jewelry at

Keep challenging your imagination regarding what your customers will want to buy in jewelry fashion, design and style.  Also try to be first with inventory in your local marketplace with a particular trend in jewelry and try to be the first one out of stock with really trendy jewelry.  While really trendy jewelry will not sell to all customers, shoppers do seem to value shopping experiences where they are exposed to a variety of really trendy offerings.  Knowing how to keep your store interesting and alluring to shoppers so they want to keep coming back is a sign of market intelligence.  What is the trendiest piece of jewelry you currently have in inventory? How long have you had it? How is it merchandised? What complementary pieces accompany it on display? Does the piece encourage shoppers to engage more with sales associates? Are you able to command more margin from really trendy pieces of jewelry?