Friday 5: What Visitors Were Searching for in JCK Marketplace This Week

Love was in the air at JCK Marketplace this week, as bridal was the hottest search term on the site. Other top keywords included a certain blue birthstone, a creative design query, a new addition to our wonderful world of jewelry, and a chain to pull it all together. Below, see this week’s top five search terms paired with some of the most popular findings to go along with it.


1. Search Term: Bridal

Kim International's Romance Engagement Set

Love makes the jewelry world go ’round, so it’s no surprise that you were on the hunt for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry this week. You found what you were looking for with numerous designs from Kim International, like the Romance Diamond Bridal Collection, above.


2. Search Term: Ariva

Ariva Classic Slim Hoop Earring

We’re so happy and proud to welcome Ariva to our JCK Marketplace family, and you were excited about them, too. Searchers were dazzled with Ariva’s sterling silver designs, and ultimately it was the classic, slim hoop earrings that garnered the most looks.


3. Search Term: Aquamarine

Coast Diamond Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

March’s bright blue birthstone is a popular search this week, and the timing is spot-on. Searchers loved Coast Diamond’s large aqua and diamond ring, a fitting choice for the occasion!


4. Search Term: CAD

CadBlu Wax Printer

Astounding and helpful technology is making its way into every industry, and jewelry is no exception! Marketplace’s computer-aided design tools are abundant, and a big favorite this week was a wax printer from CadBlu. No custom-design department would be complete without one!


5. Search Term: Chain

Norman Silverman's Diamond Heart Necklace

Chains are a huge necessity in both retail stores and designers’ supplies, and the hunt was on for them this week. The most-viewed of all was no ordinary chain—this one came with a very large, sparkling diamond. The pendant from Norman Silverman Diamonds on a handcrafted platinum chain stole the hearts of those who saw it this week.


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