Friday 5: This Week’s Most-Viewed JCK Marketplace Exhibitors

JCK Marketplace is bursting with incredible exhibitors, from independent designers and jewelry powerhouses to manufacturers and suppliers. Need help designing a new layout for your store? We’ve got that. How about a variety of loose diamonds, chains, and jump rings? Yep, we’ve got that, too. So while I spend a decent amount of time showcasing new designers, sparkling eye-catchers, and colorful masterpieces, it’s important to remember that our Marketplace family is well-rounded. Be sure to check out our Equipment, Supplies, and Services section for the best of your daily necessities. In the meantime, take a look at the five exhibitor showrooms that attracted the most visitors this week.


Lili Jewelry

Lili Jewelry Orchidea earring

Lili Jewelry, a leading brand of Lili Diamonds, offers a stunning collection of diamond jewelry—many with colored diamonds. The brand has a line of signature cuts that you don’t often see, such as the Orchidea Cut, a floral-shaped diamond that commands attention. Lili’s offerings include atypical engagement rings and bracelets, as well as earrings and necklaces, all dripping with sparkling stones. One visit and you’ll understand why this showroom had so much love this week!


Stuller Inc.

Stuller diamond semi-mount

Jewelry retailers and other industry experts are no doubt familiar with Stuller, known as a go-to supplier for mountings, metals, findings, and even finished jewelry. The supplier’s showroom is flooded with gorgeous bridal jewels, from engagement rings to bands for men and women. Stuller’s wide recognition is no surprise, and its popularity on Marketplace can only be expected to grow stronger over time.


Pranda Group

Ariva sterling bracelet

A recent addition to our Marketplace family, Pranda Group’s showroom is filled with pieces from ARIVA, sterling silver and 18k jewels designed for easy, everyday wear. ARIVA is the first U.S. venture for Pranda, and based on its popularity this week, it’s definitely getting a warm welcome.


Nada G

Nada G Disco Moon ring

Beirut-based designer and JCK Las Vegas rising star Nada G is making a big splash on JCK Marketplace with her artful yet quirky designs. The showroom is filled with rich yellow gold pieces, all bursting with detail and shine. Stunning discoveries include irregularly shaped bangle bracelets, a pendant coated in colored sapphires, and a gorgeous, contraption-like bracelet that is definitely suited for the fashion-forward crowd. One thing is for sure: A visit to Nada G’s showroom results in a jewelry adventure that will leave you wanting more.


Yael Designs

Yael's Blue Lagoon tanzanite earrings

Recipient of a 2012 Jewelers’ Choice Award, Yael Designs is a jewelry wholesale and design company that serves up colorful designs that are easy to adore. Pay a visit to its showroom, and your eyes will hungrily absorb a playful assortment of rings, earrings, and pendants with an emphasis on deep, captivating tanzanite


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