Friday 5: The Pinterest Boards You Should Be Getting Lost In

It’s no secret the way an entire day can be lost while you’re absorbed in the world of Pinterest. So for this Friday 5, I wanted to do something a bit different. I went through my favorite Pinterest boards and selected five of the most mesmerizing ones. Some are jewelry-related; some are not. All are guaranteed to inspire you, and perhaps inhibit your productivity. But it’s Friday, so go ahead—get lost!


Color My World

 Mark Chase’s Color My World board is just so…colorful! Many pinners have color boards, and this is one of the best go-to boards to gather images from. Here you can find everything: food, cars, clothes, animals, art, and more. It’s an inspirational wonderland that will truly brighten your day.



 Ethereal. Haunting. Otherworldly. These words and more describe Kylea Borges’ Dreamscape board. You’ll find a dreamlike world of color, ghostly images of beautiful people, fields of flowers, and the list goes on. A visit here is like taking a slightly blurry trip to another world. And that’s a good thing.


Art Deco Jewelry

 Prepare for the impending rush of Art Deco with the release of The Great Gatsby remake later this year (not that Art Deco wasn’t already hugely in favor). Natalie Rose’s Art Deco Jewelry board is filled with rows upon rows of breathtaking pieces from my favorite time period. You could spend hours repinning the jewels, or simply sit back to admire them.


Wedding Cakes & Desserts

 What goes better with jewelry than cakes? Tigerlilly Jewelry’s Wedding Cakes & Desserts board is filled with the sweet stuff – colorful cakes, metallic cakes, cakes with stripes, floral cakes – I risk sounding like Bubba and his shrimp if I dare go on. If you’re looking for some inspiration for wedding-day pastries, or if you’re just a fan of pinning creative cakes (I’m with you), you will definitely enjoy spending time here. 


Nature-Made Color

 Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds gives us more color, but this time, it’s all from nature. There is the expected floral element, yes, but the best surprises come from the unexpected images. Natural occurrences like tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, snow, wind, and starry skies. Animals like ducklings, horses, and lions. There’s no jewelry to be found here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if jewelry designers (or any other creator, for that matter) gleaned some major inspiration from this page.


Bonus: Macarons

 OK, so this makes more than five, but Abbey Slitor’s Macaroons OR Macarons board just has to be mentioned, for it highlights the most glorious of pastries. Your sweet tooth is instantly satisfied (or teased) with this colorful spread of the tasty little bites. Some of the images even include diamond rings—a match made in heaven.


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