Friday 5: Popular Pearls of Wisdom From JCK Marketplace

It’s finally spring! Mother Nature may not grasp exactly what the temperatures are supposed to feel like, but there’s no denying what the calendar says. Spring brings Easter, Mother’s Day, pastel colors, and sunshine, and pearls accent all of the above beautifully. If you haven’t stocked your showcases yet with the gift-worthy gems from the sea, don’t fret! JCK Marketplace has got you covered. Check out what other visitors to Marketplace were loving with this week’s top 5 most-viewed pearl pieces.  


Baggins’ Tahitian Pearl Ring

Baggins' Tahitian Pearl ring

The richly hued Tahitian pearl in Baggins’18k ring is accented with 0.55 cts. t.w. diamonds in a gorgeous setting. Its substantial size and subtle sparkle gives typical pearly whites the edge we’ve been longing for.


Rudolf Friedmann’s South Seas Pearl Pendant

Rudolf Friedmann's pearl pendant

This diamond-coated pendant from Rudolf Friedmann is the every day way to do pearls. A lone South Seas pearl drops from a multi-strand chain in a swank, stylish setting. A favorite of yours this week; a favorite of theirs for generations.


Baggins’ Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Baggins' Tahitian pearl earrings

It’s a great week for Baggins (and Tahitian pearls)! The stunning black treasures drop from 18k white gold diamond flowers in a sweet yet elegant staple.


Lauren Harper’s Mother-of-Pearl Double Pyramid Necklace

Lauren Harper's mother of pearl necklace

OK, so mother-of-pearl and pearl aren’t exactly the same thing, but Lauren Harper’s stunning necklace inspired me to break the rules. It’s easy to see why this knockout commanded attention this week, and it will continue to do so once you get it in your showcase.


Midas Chain’s Pearl & Pink Crystal Bon Bracelet

Midas Chain's Bon Bracelet

Midas Chain’s bracelet is a fun, girly take on pearls. Featuring freshwater pearls and pink crystals in a macramé setting, this seriously giftable adornment is a no-brainer for spring.


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