Free Press in Exchange for Great Shots of Cool Palladium Jewelry

The Palladium
Alliance International
wants to make more
consumers aware of the other white metal
, but needs industry’s help
to do so. This is according to PAI’s Brooke Brinkman, whom I met with
yesterday morning in Manhattan, and who shared a juicy tidbit about its
$8 million consumer recognition campaign: Every designer with
high-resolution shots of fashion-forward (no bridal, please) palladium
jewelry is eligible for free press in eight different consumer magazines
and online campaigns over the course of the next 16 months.

This is for real, and is really free (minus the cost of your supplied
photography). And while I normally feature only new product on this
blog, I found this opportunity compelling enough to share with you here
as this is a free opportunity for exposure, something every designer
should take advantage of, and because it’s important for retailers to
know that consumers will likely be asking for palladium jewelry in the
months to come.

Todd Reed palladium rings

Todd Reed palladium and diamond rings will be featured in PAI consumer ads


To participate, send high-resolution digital images of cool, inspiring, non-bridal palladium jewelry to PAI for it to use in print and online ads/advertorial, share with editors, and feature in its online photogallery on its website. “We have 67 insertions planned over the next 16 months,” said Brinkman. However, live merchandise is also needed to offer to editors and stylists (PAI has tapped showroom Domain in New York City and Los Angeles to display pieces) for photo shoots, and for celebrity events like movie premieres. (And yes, you’ll get the stuff back.) Consumer print media partners include Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W, People StyleWatch, and The Knot magazine.

PAI aims to position the metal as an alternative to white gold, the price of which is comparable to palladium, though with different notable properties—lightweight and hypoallergenic (like platinum). PAI will also need a lot of pictures as it aims to switch up the selections in its online gallery (live Aug. 15) every month. Look for consumer ads to launch in fall issues; initial ones will feature product from Todd Reed, Zeghani, and Andrew Meyer because they provided PAI with photographs, a move that Brinkman—like JCK—finds challenging at times.

“Designers are creating beautiful pieces, but either do not photograph the piece, or, when they do, it doesn’t communicate the beauty of the piece as it is usually shot in very poor lighting and at awkward angles,” observes Brinkman.  “In order to share the beautiful work of designers…we need high-res images shot on a white background!”

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