Four Cs Brochure Available in 10 Languages

The Gemological Institute of America’s “Four Cs of Diamond Quality” brochure is now available in 10 languages.

GIA is offering the Four Cs brochure in the original English version, the Spanish-language edition announced earlier this year, plus eight other languages including: Italian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, traditional (or formal) Chinese, simplified Chinese, Hindi, and Gujarati.

The full-color Four Cs brochure is designed to educate the public about the main elements of diamond quality. GIA created the Four Cs in the mid-1950s, as well as the International Diamond Grading System, the grading standard based on the Four Cs which is used by jewelry professionals around the world.

The Four Cs brochure features photographs and illustrations that help people understand the language of diamonds so they are better educated when speaking to a jewelry professional. In addition, the pamphlet shows the GIA Color and Clarity scales, the GIA Cut scale for round brilliant diamonds, and photos of several approximate carat sizes for round diamonds.

GIA said its choice of timing when it introduced new translations was based on where GIA could best serve the public, and where the Institute’s international laboratories and schools are located.

“This is an important initiative to further spread information about the Four Cs of diamond quality to the general public, gem enthusiasts, clients, and the gem and jewelry industry around the globe,” said Kathryn Kimmel, vice president and chief Marketing officer.

To order copies of GIA’s Four Cs brochure, visit The first 100 brochures in any one language are free; additional brochures may be purchased in quantities of 100 for $12.50 plus shipping, handling, and applicable sales tax.